I am scared of my first kiss?

how do I get over being nervous about my first kiss? not really my first one, that happened but it was really bad because I was so nervous. what do I do to kiss, how do I move, please help me


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  • why are you so nervous about it?

    First I think you should decide if you would feel more comfortable with someone you know really well or a stranger.

    Then when you're actually going to kiss, relax! Seriously, try your hardest because this is important. If you're nervous your lips will be all tense which will be really bad. So when you're all relaxed, let your lips part a little bit and take one of the other persons lips between them and press down (gently but firmly). Since you're really nervous and this would be sort of your first kiss, I would let the other person take the lead. Just don't tense up too much and follow what the other person does.

    • i'm scared I'll be bad at it, which proved true the first time.

    • don't be scared about it. honestly the number one thing that will make you bad at it is being scared or tense about it. seriously


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  • Just stop thinking about it! Over thinking it actually serves more bad than good. Let your natural instincts take over and just have fun.

    • my instincts didn't work the first time, I literally froze and didn't know what to do

    • Follow his lead and slow things down a bit.

  • Look you have nothing to worry about, first of all guy's usually take the lead unless the girl makes the move, 8 out of 10 times the guy will go for the lower lip unless you have Gemma Arterton lips, so just follow his lead...


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  • i was the same way , its really no biggy . just go with the flow (: don't get too nervous about it that's what makes it bad , just follow him and he will lead. I just recently had my first kiss with my current boyfriend , I was so nervous and I knew he was gonna kiss me at the end of the night and by that time I was completely unnervous , I kissed him actually, so just relax and have fun , good luck (: