Would she be my girlfriend if I asked her?

I am friends with this girl at school. We both commute. We both work weekends. We both enjoy country music, being outside, fishing, the list goes on and on. We talk a lot and enjoy each others company. We once sat and talked for 2 hours straight. I have asked her to hang out on one of our days off school and she said yes. I asked her if we could meet on campus and when she would be available. She said she didn't know when because she had some family stuff going on. I told her we I'd be there all day and to text me if she couldn't make it. Well she didn't make it. But I am going to a bonfire at her house this weekend. Is it to soon to ask her to be my girlfriend and how should I proceed?


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  • F*** yea its too soon!

    You have to not talk to this girl for 2 hours straight upon getting to know her. Everything should be gradual. You have to talk to her over the phone for some time but end the call early when things are going really great, same with going out on dates, everything is going great, but then you got to go home and you end the night early. You have to do lots of phone and text initiating that are flirty and you have to set up times to hang out a lot before making out with her, cuddling, etc. Reason being is that if you talk to a girl till the wee hours of the morning and you hardly know her, you risk the conversation reaching a dead stop and getting boring. As the relationship progresses, you can talk more and more, but right now you want her to keep thinking about you and not being able to figure you out. She should have to keep cracking your shell, being surprised at all the things she finds out herself about you throughout time if you want a relationship to bloom. Then you have to make her like you to the point where she wants to start the relationship and do it in such a way where she begins to start asking you things like "where do I stand with you" or "where is all this heading" to which point you can say things like, "you're really special, I've known you for 4 months, I think its time to get more serious but I'd like to keep getting to know you and take my time and take things slowly because I feel really strongly about you" to which point she will suck your balls dry. Don't rush anything or she will become resistant and you will never get her and she will avoid you and you won't know WHAT HAPPENED.


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  • No.

    You're too easily attached.

  • Go for it! Just be totally honest and ask her out on a date. Make sure she knows its a date. Ask her out to dinner. And be a gentleman about it. Girls LOVE guys that have good manners. If you think there is something there it is not too soon. Girls like to talk about themselves, so on your date just ask questions about her and she will have a great time! I'm sure she will date you if you guys have so much in common. Also, girls love a guy that they can talk to. good luck!


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