Should I text him or let him be?

I've been seeing a guy for a while, he was always texting etc before we got to a sexual relationship, we've had sex twice, and since then he's gotten quite distant, not texting so much, not calling me sexy anymore, he does reply to every text I send though and just recently my car was broke, it was... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • He may have lost interest after sex esp if it was early which a lot of guys tend to lose it when they are not that into a girl or if that was all they wanted from the start. The fact that you started hearing from him less and less and now its nothing is strong sign that he got what he wanted and left. I'm so sorry and so you know, in my experience I had that happend and some of the guys whould come back weeks or months later and claim they are sorry with excuses sayin they gonna make it up and then in time they were really just back for a bootycall. you see? No man is going to leave you like that and not tell you why. So if he all of a sudden comes back, you make sure you don't make it easy for him. That he is gonna have to prove by his actions not his words. So no do not text anymore. he needs to show you more effort