Why won't she text back?

Last Sunday I met a girl who I really like at a party and she asked for my number and I got hers.

I call her a week later to see if she was going to the party this weekend and she doesn't answer. A couple of hours later she texts and say she has no minutes and we have exchange texts back and forth for a couple of times and then she stops texting.

what does this mean?

am I just overreacting?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I've actually done something similar.

    To be with that guy who I exchanged numbers with seemed like a good idea at the time, but after the party we were at I rethought the whole situation and it kind of creeped me out. Besides, this guy that I previously liked came into contact with me, and when the guy from the party texted me I didn't really want to lead him on, but I didn't want to let him down either- so I said I had limited texting. I've barely texted him after that.

    It's not that I was trying to be a b*tch, it's just I wasn't interested, and yes, I should have told him flat out I wasn't interested, but I didn't want to hurt him. This might have happened with the girl. If she discovers feelings for you again, she'll text you- if not, unfortunately she's gone.

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What Girls Said 5

  • It's only been since last Sunday, so I would have to say don't text her again just yet. Give her a little time and see if she texts you. You certainly don't want to seem over-eager and scare her away. RELAX, and see if she initiates.

  • sorry to break it, but the same thing happened to my sister. She probably doesn't like you.

  • Yes I think you are, she said she had no mins, but she text you alittle and then nothing. Maybe her mins ran out. Don't sweat it,

  • She might be with someone else, but wants to keep you at bay just in case.


What Guys Said 3

  • How many times have you texted this girl? You should have only texted her once saying hey are you going to the party this weekend? Think of this as fishing, you casted the bait now wait for a bite. Don't keep texting her, just be patient and wait for her to respond, if she doesn't respond that day then, leave it at that, go to your party, who knows maybe she will be there, if not then wait till Monday or so and send her another text saying, something like hey didn't see you at the party last weekend, are you free this weekend, I would like to take you out, and then leave it at that, if she never responds, then reel the lines in and find yourself a new fishing spot. While your at the party, get another girls number.

  • next time if you're going to call her, do it within a day or two so she knows your interested, otherwise she might think she's an afterthought to you.

  • don't txt her anymore if she's into you she'll txt you trust me if she txt you don't txt her back give it sometime like a 15 minute