I have a question about PROM RIDE!!!?

OK my date is gonna ride with her friend to prom her dad is gonna drop them off and meet me there I'm gonna ride in a limo with my friends and meet my date there is that cool?


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  • hm... sure just make sure you take pics of you and her putting the flowery things on each othere when you are there. Good luck Budd


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  • id respect what she wants. and what her dad wants.

    you may want to skip the limo...and ask to meet her dad in person and have him drive the two of you to the prom

  • If she's good with it, you should be. Just make sure none of your friends are bringing their dates in the limo, might be a little awkward.

    • do people actually have there parents drop them off ima just get my dad to drop me off no point paying for a limo if she's riding with her dad? and when you get there are the prom pictures you take with your date free? or do you have to pay for them?