He's confused about whether or not he wants me. Should I just move on?

So I'm really good friends with this guy. When we met I was casually dating another man but there was instant attraction between us. I didn't want to date 2 guys at once so we stayed just friends. Well when me and other guy stopped dating, my friend and I had talked about starting something. I chose to stay friends cause I didn't want to bring old baggage into something new. Well a few months later, we were hanging out and I made it clear to him that I'm still interested and kissed him. He didn't kiss me back. And after a few days told me he had decided he only wanted to be friends. This was about 6 weeks ago. About a week ago, we were once again just hanging out and he told me he doesn't know what he wants, that he sometimes wants to date me and sometimes thinks its a really bad idea, but that when I'm not there he misses me like crazy. He's says he's confused about what he wants. I told him to take some time and figure out how he honestly feels about me. I guess I just want to know if I should forget about ever being more than friends with this guy and just move on.move on


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  • He is either confused or playing u. Either way I suggest you move on. Plenty of other fish in the sea.

  • YES MOVE ON. he's not worth it.