Why do guys find it okay to hang out with girls, but won't let us hang out with guys?

Like whenever a girl has a boyfriend, he never lets her hang out with guys, however he always hangs out with girls himself, and if you tell him not to, you're being clingy. why do guys think that?


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  • These guys are selfish and hypocritical. It could also be seen from the flip side where a girl would hang with her male friends but wouldn't want her boyfriend seeing his female friends. It's dependent on the person and their security rather than their gender specifically. Just make sure your boyfriend is secure, confident and assure him he's the only one for you.


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  • No because briging a girlfriend to a guys night is a party crash so to speak. Every guy have to pull himself together when there is a girl around, and it wouldn't be the same.

    But I agree its unfair that he gets to hang out with your friends but you are not alowed to do the same with his.

    Anyway, most girls enjoys beeing with guys more then girls so I guess they won't mind a guy hanging out with them.

  • If its outdoors with friends like a dinner, events at a park, or night activities like a concert, a circus, or a horse race, he might be cool with that.

    But hanging out with a guy on a bed maybe isn't okay with him.

  • Trust issues!


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  • My boyfriend doesn't mind if I hang out with my guy friends, as long as it's not someone who's hitting on me. Then he'd be a little upset, and with good reason lol. You must be finding all the guys with trust issues. Either that or maybe you're a huge flirt and it worries guys.

    • Well I mean I'm a natural flirt but like not THAT much. and I have never given a guy any reason not to trust me.