He always asks for a kiss?

I work with an Italian guy, he's really sweet and when he first saw me he said to the owner's wife who works in the deli with him 'Oh I'm in love!' When he sees me and there's nobody around he'll say 'give me a kiss' (on the cheek). He asked me for my number and he asked me to go and have a drink with him last night but unfortunately I couldn't.

Today when I was signing out he came to get something from the room. He asked me to kiss him again and asked how university was going and if I wanted to go out during the week. Then when I left he said, 'You made me forgot what I had to come here and get!' Is that a good thing? Was he nervous? Also, why does he ask me to give him a kiss all the time? Next time when he asks for one should I say 'Only if I get one too?'

Thanks for any advice!


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  • He's certainly not shy. Good for him. It's a positive comment when someone says "YOU made me forget..." since his mind was focused on you. He wasn't nervous. I'm not sure why he asks you to give him a kiss. It could be a cultural thing or as simply as his personality. I would suggest playfully adding "Only if I get one too!". Good idea!


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  • In Italian Culture is customary for men to and kiss on the cheek when to greet each other and when they leave. This guy clearly likes you though. Italian guys are very open about there feelings with girls and if he says he's love along with a lot of seemingly romantic stuff its because he's into you. That's how guys are in Italy and really throughout most of the Mediterranean, meaning that's how they pick up girls. Hope it works out and you guys have fun together.

    • wow I just noticed my horrible grammar my bad. Here's what I meant. In Italian Culture it is customary for men and woman to kiss on the cheek when they greet each other and when they say goodbye to each other.

  • No

    You should probably just call him a Perv and run away


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  • Depends. He's Italian, and you have to keep in mind that different cultures do things completely differently. For instance, my friend once dated someone from Africa, and on their first date he talked about kinds and marriage with her. Now this may seem clingy, but to him it was completely normal because it's how his culture is.

    So this guy could be either a really big pervert or he's interested in you and is used to expressing his interest in a different way.