Calling my boyfriend "dear"?

is something that most guys would mind? if their girlfriend called them dear when she was texting them? because I say that to my boyfriend. for... Show More

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  • Those terms of endearment are a bit too much for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that isn't that serious yet.

    Cutie, stud, handsome are more acceptable names which will please the ears.

    • what makes you think that the relationship isn't serious yet?

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    • not what I meant by that. when I called him "hun" he didn't like it because it made him feel like a girl. he said that was a pet name that should only be used for girls from a boy, and not the other way around.

    • Something I forgot to mention. Terms of endearment depend completely on whomever you are in a relationship with.

      I didn't mind getting called "honey" or "baby" by a close friend I dated. But I know some of her ex boyfriends who were put off by it. Depends on their personality and character.

      Look on the brightside, at least your ex told you how he felt about it instead of staying silent and hating it. :D