If you thought it was "hot" kiss would the other person think the same?

For example, if you were at a dance or something and you made out with someone and "you" felt like it was hot and it turned you on, and some grindage was going on, and afterward you're like "damn that was hot" ... and I mean hot, TURN you ON hot, would the other person be thinking the same thing as well?

PS: suppose the two people kissing aren't terrible kissers :P


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  • Once I had a girlfriend in high school who kissed really bad. I felt like she wanted to tear away my lips using her teets, literally. It was even painful if I did not stop her some times -im not exaggerating.-. Yet, she thought it was extremely hot. And I could tell from her body signals (I won't tell you which ones specifically, but you can imagine.) I could tell she was really turned on.

    • From that story, my answer is: probably not. If you think a kiss is hot, the other person might actually think its awful.

    • haha gee that sounds...really bad aha on your part that is.

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  • Maybe, maybe not. I would like to think so.


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  • i guess yes