I miss my ex while dating my new guy?

Does this mean I should break up with the new guy and work on getting over my ex? Can I do the same at the same time? Or does this mean that my ex is better than the new guy and that I shouldn't waste his time?


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  • Try to know what you want in a relationship first, because your new guy won't like to be a rebound, you can't avoid comparing the relationship to the next but just be fair on him..tell him you not yet over the EX and you also want him to be happy..if he choose to stay around then you'll know he still cares..once you made your mind up pursue that new relationship..he will respect your honesty in the long run


What Girls Said 1

  • Well there's not enough information here. But I mean if you just started dating this guy pretty soon after you and your ex broke up then this guy might be more of a rebound for you. So it just depends on what you think. Do you have feelings for this guy? And that's the only thing you really should be asking. If you have feelings about him then give him time. But DON'T bring up your ex to him at all. That's just awkward in general and is something no one likes to listen to.

    • My ex and I broke up a year ago, but he came back into my life 2x wanting to be with me again while he had a girlfriend. I found this out 3 months ago and that's kind of what I'm hung up about, not so much him. I know we shouldn't be together, but this new guy makes me miss the things we used to have that he doesn't give me. I like him, but I liked my ex's fun personality more, even though he was a jerk. I don't talk about him, I learned that lesson!

    • Alright, well maybe if it's like times you had then maybe you could still ask him do those things sometimes. But it depends on what you want.