I'm 18 and I still haven't had a boyfriend or even kissed someone?

i think it's embarrassing. guys call me cute, they will want to hang out, and all that other crap, but for some reason I have never kissed a guy. I'm not one of those annoying obnoxious girls, nor am I shy, so wtf is going on? I'm going away to college in the fall and I'm pretty sure I'll be the only girl there who has never kissed a guy.

wtf is wrong with me?


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  • High school is weird. Trust me, college is the time where guys say to themselves "Alright, I'm going to a new place with new people, and I WILL be more brave and talk to more girls." You'll get attention in college, that's almost for sure. As far as having no experience, don't worry about it. That's a very attractive quality in a girl.


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  • nothing is wrong with you haha

    not kissing someone at your age isn't the end of the world.

    girls(some) today are glad to be virgins at your age, kissing is on a whole different level.

    you don't know how much I would love to be the first guy a girl has ever kissed at that age. I would love it.


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  • i've never kissed a guy either but I'm proud of it ... I want to keep that special kiss for that one special guy ...I'm 16.. I Had 3 boyfriend but I never stayed with one them so long because I find they werent what I have in mind I wish when I'm your age to be just like you I Think You Should Be Proud

  • I'm in the same boat as you and I'm almost 19..

  • It's happens to the best of us give it time