Would you date someone that reminds you of an in-law?

So I am dating this guy who approached me at school. He is handsome and such a gentleman. The only problem is that he looks a lot like my brother-in-law and I find it really weird. My brother-in-law is like my brother practically. I don't think I can get it out of my head lol. I have kissed the dude but I cannot see myself in a relationship with him simply because of this fact. His personality is different and he is not like identical to him so I don't feel gross or anything, but it still bothers me. Am I weird? lol


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  • LOL! I would not date a female that reminded my of ANY of my relatives...hers OR mine!


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  • My brother in law and my boyfriend are A LOT alike.. Not so much in looks, though they are somewhat similar in how they look.. Mainly their personality. And it kind of bothers me.. But I sort of think it's a natural thing that my sister and I like the same type of guy.

    We have always had similar taste in guys, and we are a lot alike so we are both drawn to a certain personality.

    I understand not wanting to be with your brother in law though.. I don't want to either but I love my boyfriend very much.