Did I get rejected?!?! :(

so this guy and I flirt nonstop in class and we text almost everyday. We've been flirty for about 2-3 months. I really like him and we were talking about this dress I bought and I sent him a pic of it. he was like "SEXY!" "you clean up pretty damn well" which made me get a good signal that maybe he liked me back. I told him I liked him and all he did was crack a joke to not make things awkward and then said "so what's up?" I don't know what the heck just happened.


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  • so what was the joke? That would make a difference. so far it doesn't seem like a rejection. Reading text messages can be hard:)

    • we were talking about the rumor going around that I liked him and he was like "so I guess it was a trumor. get it?"

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  • I don't think this guy really knows how to feel, maybe just ask him and see what he says.