Sex on the first date???

I have a friend who continues to sleep with guys, THEN date them, and then get to know them. She also ALWAYS gets cheated on or dumped. I kept telling her she's going about it backwards but I guess she thinks she knows better than me. So my question is for you guys, if you sleep with a girl on the first date, do you honestly lose interest right after? Does it click in your head that gee, this girl moved fast, I'm not sure if she's relationship material?

Personally I've told her not to do that. I myself get to know the guy and then purposely make them wait 3-4 weeks. *lol* Only because I found guys have ALOT more respect for me and our relationship. The ones that actually like me stick around and the ones that don't, eh they get lost and I could care less. I've actually never slept with anyone on the first date so umm yah but what do you boys think?

And ladies, if you've slept with a guy on the first date, did it ever work out for you? Did a good relationship ever come from it? what's your take?

AND NO I DON"T MEAN A "BUDDY" OR FWB. (friends with benefits) I simply mean a guy/girl that you liked and had an official date with!


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  • Usually, a fast woman is good with the sex. But in the long run, the relationships die out regardless of who is at fault. I like sex on the first date, but only if the date was successful. What I dislike is dating that gets nowhere after 3 to 4 weeks. Then again, I usually don`t have dates last long enough to worry about sex anyway! Hahaha. Depending on the mood I am in, I expect sex on the first date. This mood however is rapidly decreasing as I am getting old, gray bearded and slightly wrinkly! Hahaha.

    If a woman has sex with me on the first date, she better inform me of her long term intentions: sex-fling, serious relationship, one-night stand or otherwise I will become attached to her. Why? As an unlucky man born short and black on a world that pays to be neither, I am happy for any date that succeeds one way or the other as it does not happen often. Escorts don't count, I PAY for them!


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  • yeah it hurts to say this but I also think you're right. it's kind of backwards-sounding having a guy tell you to MAKE HIM WAIT, but I think it does make a difference. for the purposes of pursuing a relationship, I'd take her more seriously and it would mean more if I was made to wait a little bit. don't go f***ing CRAZY with it or anything, but it does show you have some sort of principles and integrity, and to me, at least, that's extremely important.

  • You are 100% right on this.

  • lol.your right on this 100%.we respect a girl more because her makingus wait shows us she's girlfriend material and exclusive. someone we can bring home to of my exes made me wait 2 years!.i rode the relationship for 5 whole years after that until she story.well your right.and if your friend wants a good guy and for him to stay.legs closed.

  • all the boys are not like that some may cheet but some one will remember them and ready to marry also

  • I'm not going to respect her if she'll sleep with me on the first date , yet I'll stick around her not for the real deal but just for funn

    • Did they ever mistake you sticking around for you liking them? Just because she seems to think they like her because some stick around for a little bit.

    • No , most of the time I don't stick around them because I'm sure they're not for real and just to play games and having funn, I'll run away .haha

    • Lol yeeeah that's what I told her cause I kinda assumed that....

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  • I think that if a girl sleeps with a guy on the first date, the guy gets the impression the the girl is easy and will let any one hit! Your friend is really going about situations the wrong way! It will be hard for her to have a relationship a real one, because I promise you guys are talking. Also, tell your friend to be safe as she sleeps around, the saddest thing to do is lose a close friend because of the diseases that are spreading around! Tell her I wish good things for her!

    I've never slept with someone on the first date, but my best friend has, and that was not a good out come, because in the long run he only really fooled with her when he was horny and knew she would let him have it! But I had to be the best friend I promised her I would be. And now she has her a wonderful boyfriend who respects her for her!

    And 3-4 weeks is not long enough! You should maybe wait until about 2-3 months at least! Then you can tell if he is really respecting you! But if all you all talk about is sex, or if sex comes up every day, then you know why he is with you!

    I may only be 17! But I have been threw all of that, I grew up fast!


    • I agree. I've had 3 byfs my whole life (including my current bf). The shortest time I made em wait was 3wks. Oddly it was my 1st bf. My 2nd waited 3months and my 3rd waited 1month. I just went off of how they treated me and how I felt about em but idunno that's just me. I was with each of em for some years. When I was single I just dated a bunch but never slept with em. Guess I just didn't like em enough. All my ex's still respect me to this day. They still love me. But that's another story. lol