Canceling the date at the last minute?

I been texting this guy that I found on a dating site and he asked me last night if I wanted to hang out. I texted him back saying yes, sounds good to me. Well, we texted back at forth and we were suppose to get together last night but two hours before we were suppose to meet he said he was really tired and would it be OK if he gave me a raincheck. I said sure, I understand I know that you been working a lot of hours and have not had any time off for two week. I left it saying well, get some rest tonight then. Well, I was hoping for at least a text message today from him but I heard nothing from him. I thought since he canceled, he would feel that if he was interested in me he would of texted me or called me. I am wondering what guys and girls think about this. Should I text him? We have not talked on the phone yet. He called me twice and at the time I was unavailable and he left a message and then I called him back and I am assuming he was unavailable and I left a message. Should I call him? I hate all these dating games.


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  • If he wants to see you he will contact you, he could have got scared and has backed off for now.

    I would wait a few days say 4 days or so and if still no contact text him asking how he is doing and in the conversation ask to see him sometime, say "i would still like to get together with you, I'm free XXday if that works for you"?


What Girls Said 1

  • It is a dating site. Just find someone else to date...there are others out there don't waste your time calling another dude. What I always do is call back once and text once...if you don't respond back well its his loss. On to the next one.