Which one do I choose?

well the thing is I have two girlfriends they are both friends I like one and the other likes me and I feel it will make me lose both so what can I do?


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  • The options... ALL of them is going to make AT LEAST 1 person unhappy... you have yourself a dillemma

    1) Carry on what you're doing (the option I'd probably choose, you still get both and when 1 finds out you'll be blamed, they'll probably remain friends)

    2) Go for the one you like (which would upset the other one especially since you know she likes you BUT you have to be selfish sometimes don't you?!?! Also this option would cause tension between the 2 girls and also MASSIVE suspicion. You dump one of them and soon afterward the dumped girl sees her friend with you?!?!)

    3) Exactly the same as 2 but swap the girl who likes you for the girl you like ( I very much doubt this will happen)

    4) You admit to it and walk away from them both, you let them remain friends, show yourself for the fraud that you are and swallow your bitter medicine... the 'correct' thing to do (I very much doubt this will happen)


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  • Put it this way, if they're really friends, they'll be friends regardless of what happens and the one that you didn't like will be happy for her friend. She'll be happy for you for choosing someone that is really for you too.

    Last thing you want is to miss the opportunity with the one you like.

  • holdd up. why do you have two girlfriends first of all? but seriously, just go for the one you like.

  • go for the one you like


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