Is a good dating site?

hey guys I have heard mix responses about do you think its safe or a scam?


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  • The thing about is both you and the girl you're interested in have to be subscribers to communicate. She can't even read your email to her unless she is. Most girls on there aren't subscribers. Don't ask me why they even bother having a profile on there but they do. On the brighter side, they are real people. I have met 3 or so people from match. I used the 3 day trial and got lucky without having to pay anything.

    I would also recommend It's free, and the people are cool. Avoid plentyoffish like the plague. No one is worth meeting on that site but dirty ho bags.


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  • eh...don't pay for go on that's where I met my bf.

    It worked better then any other site that I had paid for...payings a waste of time.

    • umm yea I don't think I will pay for online dating I rather just meeting somebody the old fashion way

    • coolbeans. then.

  • i used it and it's kerrrap! I agree with anonymous guy down there, a lot of people aren't subscribers so even though they show up in your search they can't read or reply to your mails. I thought this site was a waste of time and money.

    POF is much much better. and more fun.

    • thanks I just sign up for okcupid so far I met one person already so hopefully it continues to work

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  • its not a scam, I don't know what people are talking about...if it was a scam you'd find NO ONE finding love on there and to be a scam it would have to basically STEAL your money...which is DOESNT

    my ex works in sales and catering for weddings, 3 of her 4 past weddings, the couples have met on

    so does it work? yes

    is it a scam? no

    should you spend $ to find love - that's up for debate - see the comment I left on the first guy that commented...its basically the same concept...

    • you brought up a good point but I don't think people should waste thousands of dollars in finding love on websites when you can't guarantee if its going to happend

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    • yea that's what worries me, I have on eharmony and other dating sites and pretty much hated all of them because I didn't meet anyone.

    • yeah I'm not too sure about them, I jsut know that there are people who do find love on there...i think eharmony guarentees you finding someone, if not your money back? I dunno

  • Any site that's not free is a SCAM. Think about it... you have to pay to message someone. They have to pay to read your message. The chances of two paying members pairing up is dogsh*t. Chances are you'll spend all your effort messaging inactive profiles. There are free sites out there... I can think of one good one match recently purchased. Suggest you join that one. Okcupid

    • does it work for you?

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    • so you sayin okcupid is legit?

    • It delivers the quality of a pay site... for free. Will it be that way forever? I don't know. Try it out and you'll see.