So I really like this guy

but I won't go on a date with him? he asks me to hang out all the time. but when I get to the time. I just don't feel like going. its so weird! I don't know what's wrong with me. I like him a lot. but I don't know if I'm too lazy to go or I'm just too scared to idk? any help or advice to help me go out with him


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  • are you sure you like him?maybe its jus lust.but I doubt that because if it were lust u'll probably still go out with him.i think its the uncertainity that ur feeling that's making you so irrational.anyway dun keep him in suspense.DO YOUR PART(super corny hahahahaha)

  • I'm sorry, but it's no wonder guys don't know what to do when it comes to girls about 85% of the time. I mean, if a girl was giving me all the positive signals, and then every time I asked her to hang out she made some excuse, I'd move on because I'd think she wasn't interested. Look, if you like this guy, you need to let him take you out. Otherwise, he WILL move on.


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