What to text a guy?

Text Messages...What can I say to my guy that will make him either laugh or smile? Besides rosy comments like "miss you." or "thinking of you." etc. I need something creative, funny that would make him laugh or smile big when he reads it. By the way, nothing sexual please! Thanks!

I just want something funny to say to him in a text message to make him laugh or anything corny to make him smile. Trying not to be serious all the time. lol By the way, he's a swim coach so any jokes about that would be welcomed!


Most Helpful Girl

  • My baby loves when I text him and tell him what I'm wearing. lol especialy if its .nothing. haha

    But To make him smile.

    I usualy just bring up something funny that happen to me that day.

    Or I randomly bring up our past inside jokes.

    They usualy make him laugh.

    But I don't know how you and your guy are.

    So it might be different.

    one of ours is I ove you.

    instead of I love you.

    It reminds him of the first time he said it to me over texting.

    He accidently put I ove you instead of I love you, but like I said, its a inside joke so It's different. I'm not sure why it makes him smile, but I'm glad it does.

    It just matters what your guy finds amuzing.