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What to text a guy?

Text Messages...What can I say to my guy that will make him either laugh or smile? Besides rosy comments like "miss you." or "thinking of you." etc.... Show More

I just want something funny to say to him in a text message to make him laugh or anything corny to make him smile. Trying not to be serious all the time. lol By the way, he's a swim coach so any jokes about that would be welcomed!

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  • My baby loves when I text him and tell him what I'm wearing. lol especialy if its .nothing. hahaBut To make him smile.I usualy just bring up something funny that happen to me that day.Or I randomly bring up our past inside jokes. They usualy make him laugh.But I don't know how you and your guy are.So it might be different. one of ours is I ove you. instead of I love you.It reminds him of the first time he said it to me over texting.He accidently put I ove you instead of I love you, but like I said, its a inside joke so It's different. I'm not sure why it makes him smile, but I'm glad it does. It just matters what your guy finds amuzing.

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  • aww a swim coach and you had to say nothing sexual?ahah speedo comments are fun, but that might be kind of sexual.

    • He has a great sense of humor. But yes, nothing sexual please. lol Like I said to the others, if you know of any good one liners or anything off the top of your brain, toss em at me. :-)

  • omj don't tell him he played good if he didnt!when ever girl does that I'm just ilke wtf no!like if I do one play bad I get all mad at myselfits nice that the girl takes notice of good plays thoughso maybe compliment a play if he played bad but don't lie to himor you could always go the corny/cheesy route and be like oh but you looked good

  • it depend on his sense of humour but try to say things you think it'll make him smile ,you can say silly things that make anyone laugh and smile .lol

    • Well, duh. lol that's what I'm asking for. just trying to pick at people's brains. one liners are good like one of the girls below said. he has a GREAT sense of humor and he's always making me laugh.

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  • wat is he into like does he play/watch sports ?If he plays sports go to one of his games and tell him he did good even if he didntif he loves 2 eat make him dinner once.make his favorite meal that always works

    • Again, the question is text messaging! lol

  • ha ha.i like to say stupid things to make them laugh.such as.good morning starshine the earth says hello.stupid but funny too.

    • Good one. lol anything else? toss em at me I don't care what it is. :)

    • Idk..sometimes I do the joke of the day just say something funny that can turn into a joke even though its not....

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