What and where would be a good first date?

I can never figure out where to take a girl to in a first date?


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  • do you know the girl really well...the best first date is one that is memorable and complete tailor to the girl specificly. Do a little research and find out what she likes and is really into then plan the date around that.. Don't forget flowers (nothing over the top like dozen roses, that is not a first date flower). Don't forget to open doors and all that...chivarly helps...not all girls are into but it can never hurt your cause. It takes great planning to make an amazing first date...

    once had a first date with a girl that loved kids...so I set up our first date to volenteer at a childrens hospital for a few hours.

    • Flowers on a 1st date? I think you're crazy, but a children's hospital is absolute gold.

    • yes flowers on a first day...but nothing over the top or expensive...that would be to much...Like I said..not roses...they are not a first date flower. anything more the $20 is to much...Dasies are usually a good first date flower..


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  • A good first encounter isn't necessarily planned, and if it is, it should be mutual. As spontaneous and romantic as possible...not the standard things done on prom night...

  • it really depends on the girl. I'd say take her to the park and feed the ducks. Show her that you know how to have a good time without spending a lot of money. That's when you really get to understand each other

  • movies


    park, beach