Why is it so hard for ugly guys to get dates? looks fade....I just don't understand women

just curious. I'm just completely confused with what women want these days? it seems so superficial


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  • no matter what they say people alway care abotu what others think of them. people also tend those they don't know first based on there actions and looks since you often only have that to go on. if a hot girl truly liked an ugly guy and dated him people would talk behind their back and say he must have money or the like. the problem is not people themselves but the society that places beuty above everything else.


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  • Its true I mean girls care way less for looks than everything else, however there has to be some physical chemistry...Date girls your age or a bit older, younger girls are way more concerned on looks...A woman for more superficial can never be as superficial as men are toward women, are you aiming to date ugly girls? or are you look for pretty girls only and complaning they want a pretty guy themselves?...

    • the girls that are interested in me,i am not naturally attracted to(they don't have to be beautiful according to the world's standards,I just have to be attracted to them)and the girls I'm usually attracted to aren't interested in me. I'm confused..people have said I'm not that bad looking. I've had strangers approach me and tell me I'm good looking(girls)but I have no luck with women. I'm not all about looks,but I can't be with someone I have no physical attraction to. its like I'm stuck

    • well you have a point I wouldn't date a guy I am physical attracted too...so I guess you answered your question I mean some girls like despite of your look but you don't like them because of there look...

  • A lot of women value money over looks.

    Just saying...

  • I wish you would stop typing in capitals, it's making my head go crazy.

    • DAMN FUNNY! LMAO! You got the joke right? lol

    • yeah like everything else is in capitals except from 'don't' isn't that supposed to be in capitals and everything else in lower case? smh.

  • Be honest, are you breaking your neck checking for ugly women? Would you rather date an ugly woman or a pretty woman? That's why it's hard for ugly guys to get dates because they have competition from better looking men. The best thing ugly folks should do is focus on their personality, work on acting confident and carefree and try to get to know people long term instead of expecting hookups.

    • I'd rather date a pretty girl.

    • You're not alone in your thinking too. Girls feel the same way. Most girls want to date an attractive guy but some may settle for less than attractive if he makes up for it in other ways (that depends on what the girl finds really important).

  • Ugly guys + lots of cash = the most datable

    NO rules!


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  • Since when do people date someone they find unattractive? I'm ugly and I don't except the girls I find attractive to give me a chance. I don't see why they should when they can go so much higher with looks.


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    • Not too many people can look past looks. That's what causes all the trouble.

    • A girl on the same level as me is probably fugly, but I don't know my level. A lot of people say I'm too harsh on myself.