I always have more than one date in a day?

I haven´t had just one date in one day... It´s always 2 or more ... Does this happen to you? And also when I´m single it lasts for ages and as I start dating, every guy seems to be interested. It´s so unfair!


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  • Young Lady, you can't "show your teeth to every man you meet"! In other words, as people have said already, you don't have to go out with everybody, and anybody. That is actually counterproductive, and makes you seem desperate. Are you desperate? I'm going to take a stab in the dark, and presume no. You probably may even be unsure as to what you're looking for, which is okay, but you need to evaluate why. You should never settle, and you should take as long as possible, until you find the right suitor for you, but don't just kill time either, because guess what, one day your time will run out. Ask yourself what you ultimately want in life? what do you want in a mate? If you can't answer those questions yet, than perhaps, ask yourself what you don't want and don't need? Sometimes, what we think we want, we in turn, find out that we didn't need. What type of lifestyle do you live, and intend on having? Do you want what your parents had, if possible? Are you running from something or someone? Are you looking for a another father, life coach, baby-sitter, player, asshole, or an actual good guy? Depending on where you are in life, and your experiences, that may affect the men you are attracting. You need to first start from within, focus on your life, likes/dislikes, and passion, that way a man will better know these things, and not have to figure them out for you, which should never be the job of a mate. Good luck, and I hope you find what you are looking for! Also, stop looking. we can't buy or control love. It is a gift, and it finds us! Love and chemistry is the easy part, but compatibility, is the tricky part, when finding a companion. That will determine your relationship actually.


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  • I only date one guy at a time. Its a rule I have for myself.

    And yeah I've noted I'm single for long periods of time but I attribute that to being picky. But it is true enough that I seem to get asked out more when I'm in a relationship. I assume its because I seem happier when I'm in a relationship (because I am).

  • Just don't say yes to every guy that asks you out limit yourself, Be picky to it helps if you have a type of guy you go for just limit yourself.