He makes plans to hang out with me and I say yes but he never actually does anything?

so he always says stuff like "what are you doing today? wanna hang out :)" or "wanna come over? :)" or "we need to hang out soon! how bout tomorrow :)" and I say "yes" and then he says "can't wait baby :)" and then..NOTHING happens...the days goes by...and I wonder what happened. why does he make plans and never keeps them?


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  • Maybe he's a tease. Not just girls do this!


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  • He's either playing with you to get you thinking about him (it's working) or he's just immature. Either way, you're encouraging him to keep doing it just by responding and agreeing to meet.

    • what should I do to get HIM to want ME?

    • Ignore him. It's the same advice I give to guys who want a girl's attention. If he's just playing around then it doesn't matter anyway.

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  • Depends on his personality. When he doesn't call the next day try calling him and asking if he still wants to do something. If he says no, maybe it's time to move on, if he says yes then maybe he just needed a little help making plans.

    The guy I'm dating now is horribly bad at making plans and not calling but it turns out he is the greatest guy I've ever dated and he's incredibly thoughtful. However, I do have to be the one to make things happen like making a date for us and then telling him the details. He just tends to spread himself too thin and tries to make plans with everyone so I'm learning to not take it personal. :0)