What does it mean when a guy blows you kisses

Right it was my 21st 2 months back and at my party they all did a toast 2 me and was all cheering and that and this lad I like was blowing me kisses while they were cheering and singing happy birthday 2 me and that now I know he might have been doing that cos it was my birthday but do think he likes me and at the end of the night he gave me a hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek just wondered if that meant anything 2. Thanks


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  • i wouldn't kiss a girl I don't like


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  • With everyone cheering and making a big hurrah I would take it as he was getting into the moment and that is his way to celebrate. Same with the hug and kiss on the cheek thing. Obviously he likes you as a friend or he would not be there, but I think he is just very friendly. I think you would have felt he was flirting and attracted to you more with the hug, was it close and kind of long or just a casual hug one would give anyone?

    • A casual one really yeah he is a very friendly guy but he has told other people that he thinks I'm beautiful and that I'm a bit of alright soooo......lol

    • Well if you like him, I would most definitely ask him to meet maybe for a drink or something. What do you have to lose right? WEEEE!!!!!!