He doesn't want to date ANYONE right now.

So my crush that I really like has stated about a month ago that he doesn't want he doesn't want to date ANYONE right now. I recently found out that when he was asked how he feels about me he says, "Yeah, she's alright." Now he is really shy and we took this as a good thing. He only really talks to his guy friends and well, me. Then he said, "She's alright, I just probably wouldn't go out her." Now we took this as a sign as that he doesn't want a girlfriend. Are we right? He was being flirty with me a few days before it happened and he still talks to me a lot. Is that the case? Just not wanting a girlfriend? Or is it just me...


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  • Guys are normally very straightfoward when it comes to wether or not they want to go out with girls my advice is to move on for now but try and look nice an be funny but natural around him because his feelings may eventuly change. But definitely don't wait around for this guy nomatter who he is. Hope this helps:)

    • Haha, thanks for answering! I don't know how to describe him. He is so shy though. I know he isn't very straight-forawrd at all. I feel like he may have been changing his story around when talking to my best friend. (That's who I got all of this information from). That's why I really thought it was because he just really doesn't want a girlfriend right now. Does this help you get a better idea into my situation?

    • I know this isn't really what you wast to hear but try and stay with my above advice but if you know you army going to be able to get over this guy you could work on trying to look very nice like I said earlier but have another friend text him and say something like "I'm not sure I'm soposed to be telling you this but I'm pretty sure (your name here)likes you" that should getHim thinking about you even more after that flirt and look hot not just nice if that doesn't work then he's not interested

    • Haha, actually, I'm not sure what I "want to hear". I just want answers! However, thank you for commenting again and helping me!


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  • "She's alright, I just probably wouldn't go out with her" = she's an alright person. Not my type though. I see her as a friend. Nothing more.

    He's not into you.

    • Well I appreciate your answer! I'm still unsure, though. I know that he doesn't want a girlfriend, so do you think that it's just me or just not wanting a girlfriend in general?

  • He might not want something serious but wouldn't mind hooking up if you know what I mean? Are you the one that always start the talking/flirting and he responds to it or does he approach you sometimes?


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  • i think he means he doesn't want to date you specifically, not girls entirely. I mean, that's what I would mean if I said that. if he said something like "she's really cool and I like her, but I'm not trying to get caught up" I would lean more towards him liking you.

    that's not a shot at your value/beauty though. you're super awesome, but just not for him. move on, somebody else might be waiting for you to get over him ;)

    and on a side note, guys tend to flirt, especially if he's comfortable with you as a friend. why? because friendship = no pressure. they're not nervous and overanalyzing everything they do, so they freely express themselves. it causes HUGE mixed signals that makes me want to punch them all in the garbanzo beans, but it is what it is.