I texted a girl to hang out and need women's advice!

so I asked a girl to hang out and her exact words were, "would have been fun but I am going home for the summer" I asked her if she wanted to hang out when she got back home and to stay in touch and she replied. "sounds good."

1) do you think this girl is interested in me?

2) when should I text her to see how her summer is going?


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  • thats actually hard to tell. but it sounds like she is not interested, if she were she would say oh really that sucks bad timming I'm going home for the summer but we can keep in touch on the internet and hang when we get back.

    but to see if this is true or not

    i would contact her the second day she arrives.

    then don't contact her for about a week if she contacts you back you know she is interested, if she doesn't its what I said up the top :)

    see if you can help me out with two questions




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  • Don't know if she likes you but I have said it "sounds good" and meant it. So definitely text in a week or two.


What Guys Said 1

  • i'm not a girl but based on that I don't think she's interested. "sounds good" is a lame answer in my opinion and is usually a nice way to say no. I could be wrong but in my experience that's how it has worked.