Girls, best time to kiss you? lol

Just curious if girls like to be kissed after the first date every time. Or is it something more special to you?

  • End of 1st date
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  • End of 2nd date
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  • End of 3rd date
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  • End of 4th date
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  • It really just depends on the person and the timing. I wouldn't schedule it or anything. Something spontaneous. Whatever feels right. And usually, you should know. Don't get exited though, really examine the relationship with the person and how kissing would affect that. But personally, I wouldn't do it really fast. I'd wait a bit so it could be special.:)


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  • In my case, every guy I've kissed, I first kissed ON or BEFORE the first date. XD However, that was because I'd known those guys for a while and felt close enough with them to kiss them that soon. If it was a guy who I didn't know very well, I'd say as a general rule that we can kiss on the third date. It all depends on how well we are connecting.

  • I agree with WovenEclipse, it depends on the guy. I think I generally prefer waiting a little while though. Things are more exciting when you let them develop slowly. My boyfriend and I didn't have our first kiss until we had been hanging out for over a month. The anticipation made it all the more amazing when it finally happened. A kiss on the cheek after the first date would feel very endearing :)

  • Dear Anon Guy,

    Everyone has a different opinion (obviously :P), well here's mine..

    Theres no specific time that I find to be the best, however, the worst must be at the first date (a kiss on the cheek is fine).. Any other time after the first is good :]

    PS I voted E


    IMAQT xx

  • always ;-) I love it when my boyfriend randomly kisses me. its the best! =)

  • I voted other because it depends on the guy, though I expect most gals would go for the sooner the better :P

  • I personally really like to kiss at the end of a first date. That being said, it really doesn't matter much and I'm fine if it doesn't happen until the 2nd or 3rd. No rush at all :)


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