Never had a bouyfriend, whats wrong with me?

Im just going to sum up my situation: I am a teenage girl and I've never had a boyfriend. I am very nice. but I am also shy. which is a bad thing. all my friends tell me that the right guy hasn't come yet. but why hasn't even the wrong guy noticed me yet? it makes me feel bad about myself that I'm not able to get a boyfriend. the past few guys that I was interested in have just ended being my friends. a couple of my guy friends tell me that I am funny, and interesting to talk to. now that didn't mean anything because they aren't in the position to date. but I knew they were being honest. I feel like I'm never going to be able to find a guy.

any advice?

thank you :D


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    C. Introduce yourself to cute strangers. Even if an ugly girl said some of these to me, I'd at least feel flattered. . Keep the mindset that you're probably going to have to approach 5-10 guys to get one date.

    D. If the conversation goes well, give him your number or ask for his.

    E. Go on lots of 1st dates to filter out the crap

    F. After dating the same person for a month or two, ask for a relationship.

    The women are feeding you garbage of advice. If you want something, MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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  • Given your looks and your age, finding guys is not going to be a problem.

    • unfortunately it is, I'm a bit overweight. I think that's why I don't get noticed. but I'm hoping to change that this summer.

  • To be perfectly honest, you aren't exactly attractive. Taking that into consideration, unless you become more forward with guys, you aren't going to get a boyfriend until college, where guys can look past that sort of thing. Hot girls have the luxury of shyness, below average girls don't.

  • Trust me, it's better that you haven't had a fake boyfriend - it means you'll have no regrets. If a guy doesn't notice you, more than likely he's not the right one. Almost every single high school relationship is broken up sooner or later anyway, so it really shouldn't matter. I can almost guarantee that there's guys that prefer your type, so my best suggestion is to not worry about it and wait for someone; don't give up hope.

    • thank you! your advice helped a lot. what you said about a fake boyfriend. I know they are good. and I know most high school relationships don't last, but I can't help but want to experience it. I think it would give me some confidence.

    • I'm sure you'll feel much more confident in having a guy that you can be assured really cares about you for who you are than never knowing for sure why a guy is interested in you, eh?

  • You're still young. You don't have to worry at all yet. Plus high school can suck for dating.


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  • I don't think being shy is a bad thing. Also, I'm 21 and have never had a boyfriend. I don't feel bad about it. I don't think it says anything bad about me or my personality. It really could just be that you're not meeting the right people.

    I think there's way too much pressure on teenagers to date and find a boyfriend/girlfriend, when really, that's not the only thing there is to life. In my opinion, at least. I think it's certainly important and can bring a lot of happiness, but if not being in a relationship means you're unhappy, then perhaps it's not the best time for one.

    Also, even though being shy isn't a bad thing, sometimes it can come across as being aloof or unapproachable. So, maybe guys just don't see you as being very approachable. But I think that's something you can easily work on.

    I hope this helped at least a little bit. You're young, enjoy your teen years without the stress of trying to find a boyfriend. Let things happen as they will. :)

  • i agree with Snackey, you're really young and highschool, to be perfectly frank, falls under the zone of social retardation :p trust me, you'll find guys, they'll be running after you like nobody's business in a couple of years. don't let your current situation bring you down :)