I met this guy & we get along great! 4 great dates & then I made a fool of myself Should I wait 4 him 2 call?

I met this guy through my work and hit it off in minutes. I'm 21 by the way and he is 28. We were out of town for work and spent every night hanging out and getting to know each other and had a really good time. The road trip got cut short but me and him stayed and went out and ended up making out. I needed a place to stay for the next 2 nights and he offered his place. We had a really good couple days together and didn't have sex the entire time. I went out there 3 days later and we went out again and ended up sleeping together a lot. Anyway, long story long it had been 3 days since we talked and I sent him a funny joke text forward thing. And then no response for 2 hours I basically made a fool of myself texting him nonsense because I was trying to figure out if drunk me made a fool of my self to him and ended up looking like a needy freak! And I don't even do that. Turns out he didn't have his phone on him and I was like I'm really sorry lets just forget everything that I said except the joke and that I would call him tomorrow. And he was like cool ttyl. I called him the next day to explain my unfavorable performance and make a joke a bout it but he didn't answer and I'm not sure if he got it I didn't leave a message cause I habitually hung up the phone. Anyway. That was yesterday and he still has not called . Please help what should I do?!? I really like this guy and I'm worried that I messed it up want to call and explain but I can't decide if I should or not.


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  • don't call if he still interested he'll contact you I know you likes him but if he don't feel the same you can't do anything .

  • calling or text messaging will makes you needy. send an email instead


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