Should I give up?

I've been trying to get to know this guy I like through instant messaging. He's shy but will stay up really late talking to me, so I feel like there's mutual interest, but yesterday we were at the same event and he didn't talk to me, though the day before he said we would hang out. After the event he said he wanted to spend time with me, invited me to get a snack, and then took back his invitation. I can't tell if he's nervous or not interested, and it's driving me crazy. Shy guys, do you have any advice?


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  • If he is as shy as you say he is then he is definitely interested in you. Since he is shy he probably has no exprience hanging out with a girl expecially one he likes so he doesn't want to be awkward by you. I think it would help if you would be a little more pushy and tell if things like it sure would have been nice if we hung out at so and so's when we were there together. Or if you have a mutual friend go hang out somewhere with friends until he is more comfortable by you.

    • Thanks! I've suggested a lot of things to do together (play pool because he's good at it, make these sandwiches he recommended, etc.), and I did jokingly tell him he owed me a hello after not saying hi at that event. I'll try not to get too frustrated :)

    • well gl and thanks for best answer


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  • he's just shy, I'm sure of it. just invite him, don't wait for him to make a move, cause it sounds like he likes you.


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  • maybe he's just too shy that when he was thinking about what to do next, say approach you, he would totally wuss out! just have to be cool about it honey, I've been in this situation a dozen of times - I know it's so frustrating and confusing but you just have to be patient. you may befriend him and know him a little bit more. men should chase women so that we won't be regarded as desperate... lots of Good luck! : )

    • Thanks! Haha I'm fine with not being "chased," but when I initiate I just want a little feedback, you know? :)

    • yeah a little sign would be enough, of course. : ) how shy can he be? : )