Friend keeps calling his date but she won't respond, advice?

my guy friend had a date with this girl who was like really into him. They would talk on the phone everyday, all day. Then, they finally went on a date. They actually had 2 dates. But, on the second date, she was texting the whole time. She told him that she had fun and everything, then the next week, she stopped talking to him. He's a really sweet guy, and he's one of my good friends. What should I tell him to do? He keeps calling and texting her and she won't respond. I tell him she doesn't like him, but I guess he wants to know why. How can I help him?


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  • Either she have found someone else or she's just playing mindgames, knowing he likes her, or she just plain didn't like him very much :(


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  • You're friend should try his hardest to get over her. I know it must be really hard for him. I have a lot of guy friends and one who recently found out his last relationship was a fake because she never liked him anyway. There's no point in going after a girl if there's nothing there for her. No offense, but there is no Steve Urkel romance, trust me.

    People are shallow :(

    He should find someone else, someone better that pays attention to him on the second date.