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What does it mean when a guy won't stop kissing you!!!?

OK so I'm new to this whole dating thing! I'm 18 and I just had my first date and first kiss on Valentine's day. There's this guy I've been dating... Show More

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  • He obviously is into you. Kiss his neck. BUT don't only make out. Enjoy each others' company. If making out is all you do, then I say what's the point?

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  • It's pretty obvious he likes you, I mean I wouldn't kiss anyone I don't like, I don't know how things work in your area. He definitely likes you and he sounds like a nice guy, so go for itttttttt. I mean, srsly, what's the worse that could happen?

  • Well kissing you just means he likes you a lot xD quite simple actually... and if you kissed him on the cheek that one time he must have taken it as a go-ahead so he could kiss you on the lips over and over again

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