Would you girls date a guy with a belly?

Just a belly not Fat , if he's sweet etc..? (I have to write more because questions is too short)


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  • I have my own body preference, because I work out.

    However, I know tons of girls who love love love a bigger guy. It makes them feel smaller and more petite and more protected.

    Keep that sweet personality though!

    • i dunnno I just read that some girls don't like muscle toned guys because they make them feel like they are hugging a rock..

    • Too much tone can be weird, but I like a guy whose got some muscle, that's just me though. I know plenty of girls who like a belly.


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  • No.

    Why don't you date sweet girls with a belly?

    If you don't find it attractive and aren't willing to overlook it for a quality don't get p*ssed when others won't overlook it.

    • You're a lost cause, why do you asume that ALL lads won't overlook a bit of extra meat?!?!?! I PREFER IT! (shock, horror, he likes additional flesh!)

    • A bit of extra meat differs among guys.

      A bit of meat to my guys is a size 2.

  • Of course. Depends on how big the belly is, but most people I now in this world have a belly of some sort. I don't mind a bit of belly, I'm not perfect myself! Just not into huge beer guts.

  • yeah! my boyfriend actually has a belly, I find it sexy. he's in shape (toned arms, toned legs, nice butt) and has a sexy face, but has a little belly and it drives me wild! I have a belly fetish def I think...i love to squish them and kiss them! =)

    • so what do you look in a guy the 1st thing? Body / Face ? I mean a strong mascular guy with bad looking face or normal one with a belly but cute ?

    • def normal guy with a belly that is cute =) I don't like real muscular guys because I find softness sexy

    • so a soft guy is the new sexay nowadays XD?

  • I like a little chub, especially a soft belly.

  • lol sure, not a big deal

    • so a strong mascular body isn't a must for a guy to date a girl eh?

      if a douchebag with a strong body .. which would you prefer ? that guy or belly guy but not a douche xD?


      and of course a strong muscular body isn't a must :p

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  • Some girls like it, others don't

    Some girls find it cute, some even find it attractive

    You've got to remember EVERYBODY'S DIFFERENT

    Some sick f***s marry horses, some girls will like extra meat on males