Fat girls with their belly hanging out?

well maybe not extremely fat, but around 170 and they have their pudge hanging over their jeans...and its so gross..but don't some guys like that?


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  • Without focusing on your opinions (the whole 170 thing isn't the point of the question, people) I'll try to answer as best I can. Hopefully. :)

    I only like it if the girl in question is pregnant. If they aren't, and they have muffin tops spilling out from under their shirt, and over their jeans, it's generally disgusting.

    I'm fat - and I deal with it. I wear clothing that keeps me covered. Showing skin - even muffin tops, in some cases - is only sexy when it's meant to be sexy. You know, when the person is wearing a revealing summer top or formal wear cut high at the sides, etc.

    When it's just someone waddling to-and-fro while simultaneously spilling out from under their clothes, it's disgusting. Well, that's actually a bit harsh. It's not that bad. It's just unattractive. To me, anyway.

    Opinions vary though, like you said, and there are bound to be people who enjoy it, even advocate it I guess. It's a unique world, with plenty of unique people in it. :)

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      it's true though. Usually if someone is spilling out that bad they haven't picked clothes that are the proper size. I have a friend that does that she should be wearing a large, but she buys the small and its wayyy to small for her. Not trying to be mean, but she's really tall so its also too short and it doesn't look that great. Getting a top that fits her better would make a big difference, she's not even fat, but it makes her look taht way by having ill fitting clothing.

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      True. It's not particularily difficult to find clothing ranging up to XXXL I guess, but it can be awkward if you are on a budget and want to look at least a little smart when outside.

      No excuse to not pay attention to what fits and what doesn't, though. :)