How do I keep the 'spark'?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months, the first 5 months were amazing, then the 'spark' kinda died down and I stopped getting butterflies and everything around him. Now suddenly, this week I've been getting butterflies when he kisses me, and shivers when he touches me and I just can't look away from him and we've been getting along so well lately, it feels like were back at the 'honeymoon' stage again except were so much more comfortable with each other then we were during that time. I love this feeling, how do I make sure it doesn't go away?

By the way, we didn't have sex or anything, so that's not why I'm feeling like this

Sorry, I meant to put this in the 'relationships' category. I'm not really looking for sexual answers


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  • Yea it happens, its nothing bad you've both just become more accustomed to one another, (thinking they'll always be there). Try doing new and exciting things together, don't get stuck in the same dull routine, switch it little things for him to show you care (surprise him, go out to dinner, anything you both enjoy doing together). You have to realize that stage doesn't last forever..relationships take lots of work and aren't always perfect.


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  • The only way to continually feel the 'newness' spark is to continually be with somebody new. Some people get stuck at that level and never get to experience the next stages.

    • That's okay, you didn't get a 'sexual' answer.

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  • Do things together that both make you happy.