Getting over a long time girlfriend?

my crush, recently broke up with his girlfriend after 3 years, apprently it was a mutual breakup.hw long do you think it takes to get over something or someone like tht?


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  • It depends on how much he's thought about himself. You don't want to be his rebound? I don't have a set range, guys would be better at giving you a range in terms of time, but he has to be over her, he has to stop talking about her, he has to not cry at the mention of her name, doesn't have pictures of her all over in the living room etc. Definitely should be more than a month at least.


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  • Seeing as how it was mutual, he could get over her fairly quick as oppose to being the one who got broken up with. In my personal experience I've known guys who have dated girls for 3 years or so also and some took 1month and others took 1 year to get over the girl. Also if he didn't love her as much as he use to if not at all, then he could very well bounce back from the breakup in a matter of weeks. But honestly it depends on the guy.