My Dad won't let me hang out with boys!

What should I do? I can only hang out with one if I have friends.

One asked me to the beach but my dad told me I could only go if I invite a friend but I think that would be rude. He asked me to hang out. just us hang out together. What should I say to the boy? and what should I do? Please answer!


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  • Tell him the truth. If that makes him upset and makes him not want to go out with you then he is just being selfish and is not the right guy for you.

    Gotta say though that you're pretty lucky in your situation. I've never even been allowed to go out with a guy and can't until I move out. If I ever do get to date a guy while I am at home then my parents have to go on the date with me and I'm freaking 19!

    • wow. thank you for your answer you really made me rethink that. :D


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  • I would explain the situation to the boy, he should understand. if you would believe it my parents used to make me do this to, that if I am to spend time with a girl, someone else should be with us. it's a little unfair to do when your an adult,( I still need at least two girls if I'm home(apparently my Mom and Dad have never heard of a Threesome)) but know that your dad is only trying to protect you.

    • thank you that's true..

  • So invite a friend. A beach is pretty darn big, you can separate once you get there and it will be like you're alone with him.

  • Your dad used to be a boy and is looking out for you. Why not have a group hang out at the beach?

    • yah having a group would be fun :) thanks

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  • Why not tell him the truth?

    • but will that make him not ask me to hang out again?

    • don't know, tell him the only way your dad will let you hang out with him is if you invite a friend.

    • thank you :)