Going on a date with a shy guy?

So I like a shy guy, he likes me back, and we plan to go on a date very soon (like today soon). We are just going to go to his house, hang out, and watch movies. I'm pretty outgoing, though I do have my shy points, and we have talked and hung out with other people together. But NEVER alone. I usually date outgoing guys so this is totally out of my element. What are some things I can do to make him more comfortable, move the date along, etc?


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  • I used to be kind of shy, and I liked it when girls were outgoing towards me because it made me feel like I could just be myself. Just be friendly, and know that his actions don't necessarily reflect his feelings, after all, he's shy so he probably has problems expressing himself.


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  • Talk about things he's interested in umm if he gets stuck at asking you something just ask him something easy to get it going and do the talking :)

  • talk about many thing then slightly get personal if he is still comfortable, take a notch higher.. then... see what happens.. let me know what happens..

  • Lol, couldn't get interested in anyone huh?

    How did it go?

    • Well it still remains pretty true. XD It went pretty good actually, no awkward moments or anything and we were pretty close the whole time... just no kiss. I don't know for some reason I wasn't feeling it but the more I think about how I didn't do it, the more I realize I should have. XD

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    • Ohhhh, right. Yeah true. Heh, have fun then =] Kiss him next time. Get 'im buckeddddd, hahaha.

    • Oh god. XDDD

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