Should I tell his girlfriend he is hanging out with another woman?

okay so I was married to this guy for 7 years. had a kid but he cheated on me all the time so I ended it three years ago. well we both moved on and we have serious significant others now. well I went to go pick up my child and saw that my ex was hanging out with one of the people he cheated on me with. they were hanging out on his porch. on the ride home I asked my child if they knew that person and they said no, it was the first time meeting this person. then I asked if missy (his girlfriend) knew them and my child said that no she's at work. so I guess my question is should I say something to his girlfriend that he was hanging out with a woman alone at his house that he cheated on with me or do I just leave it alone and let a nice girl possibly get cheated on? all input would be appreciated.


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  • Your bf's a d***, but if the girl didn't know the situation between you two then you should tell

    But if she did she'll probably find out sooner or later so just think if you wanna be the person to tell her

    • first it's my ex husband that's doing this and he said that she knows about our past and why we aren't married anymore but he's also a huge liar so I don't know. but that thing that bothers me is that she's a nice girl and she has so much going for her than my ex ever has. she's in college while he doesn't even have his GED. she has a job and he doesn't even have a car let alone a job.

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    • sorry I thought I worded it right. my bad. so you don't think I'm putting my nose in other peoples business?

    • Well you are, but she has a right to know and would probably want to know


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  • I'd go for the second option.

    • why do you think that?

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    • but I don't want other people to feel how I felt. it's horrible.

    • It's up to you.

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  • Let them get on with it. His business and mess to sort out when things fall apart.