Are we dating or just friends?

I have been crushing on this guy for a while now and until recently nothing has happened. For the past 2 months or 3 months we have been hanging out just about every weekend. Seems great right? Well not quite, I can't get him to open up me and we haven't held hand yet. We have never talked about what we are to each other and I feel like he doesn't feel the same.

It's driving me crazy not knowing what is going on. Everyone says that we are cute but he doesn't say anything. Should I move on or just stay put and wait till he is ready?


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  • Need more info - what do you mean about not being able to get him to open up? About what?


What Girls Said 1

  • I completely know what you're talking about because I'm in somewhat the same situation. It is really frustrating not knowing where you stand with each other and if it seems like he's never going to talk about it, you should be the one to start saying something. Everybody's been telling me to talk with the guy I'm hanging out with and clear things up about if we're just friends, or not. And I haven't yet because I know its hard! But if you really like him, you shouldn't give up without trying to find out first.