Ladies, how blunt should we be?

So this guy likes you and he just tells you like it's nothing. Do you like this sort of thing? What if you don't like the guy though, or least, not in a dating way, how do you respond?


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  • If you say it like it's nothing she's going to think she's expendable to you. If you say it like you care then it's brave and really sexy.

    • I'd like to add... because saying it "like it's nothing" is really just posturing; you're covering up the fact that you want something in return. That's why she'll think you see her as possibly expendable. Of course, if you're not attached to her response or feelings, then no doubt you'll be brave about it when you say it and she won't lose respect for you.

    • yeah you can't just say something like that as if it's nothing if you want a reaction, a girl will think you're kidding or that you don't actually like her, that you just want a hook up. If a guy said something to me like that I'd be like :/ thanks?


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  • If you say "i like you." like its nothing, she just might think you just don't care.


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  • It depends on how you say "I like you." If you say it while expecting something from her, you're gonna go down in flames because she can sense that and she doesn't want to be put into that situation. If you don't expect any sort of favor from her, then things will likely be OK and it will just become a thing she knows about you and she won't feel pressured or creeped out by it.

    Just speaking from personal experience with the opposite gender. Their answers may vary.

    • Sounds all very reasonable. Will see how many women respond and how.