Should I see where this is going with her?

This girl that I want to know better has been grinding my gears. She show that she is interested, then she pulls back. For example, we talked for an hour one day. The next day she text me saying that she enjoy the conversation and want to hang out before she go out of town before the 11th. I set it up last Saturday. I texted her and didn't get a reply back. On Monday, she wrote me on fb saying that her phone was broke and she want to do it this weekend. So yesterday I text her and had a quick but good conversation. I ask again if she still want to go out this weekend and again no reply. It really making me upset. Should I just say f*** her or see where it goes? PLEASE HELP!


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  • Thanks for the advice. Now in your situation.It could be true then again it may not be true.If youve tried twice already I would just chill out. First time okay let that ride and then 2nd time you mention she doesn't reply.Next time if she texts you just call her instead and see what happens.I would honestly say this...male or female if someone is definitely interested he/she would show it.I wouldn't couldn't her.And if she asks hey I haven't heard from you just be cool.Kind of like a push and pull theory.

    • thank you

    • Youre welcome.Its natural to wonder why we haven't heard from someone and she will.

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  • If she actually said she wants to meet up then that means she does. For her to actually take the time to write you on FB to let you know her phone is having issues that obviously means she likes you. I say keep trying. She definitely seems interested, and if you for some reason can't get together before she leaves then no biggie just plan something for another time.

    • She texted back that she want to. Thank you for the help :-)

  • If it's not her phone, maybe she's scared because of her proposal and isn't actually 'ready' for a very serious date thing?

    • It doesn't have to be a serious date. I can go out with friends and she can go out with her friends to a bar. I just to see her before she go out of town for a month.

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    • I don't know. No one does, exept for her.

    • You right... Thank you!

  • I say just give her another chance. Maybe her phone really is giving her problems. Give her another chance and if she keeps making up excuses then give up on her and try to move on.

    • I'm going to sit back and not talk to her for a couple of days. I don't want her to think that I'm all over her. I think that I'm doing the right thing?

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  • Honestly, man, her phone is probably just f*cking with both of you. I know that I've had similar experiences where making plans would become unorganized because either my phone or her phone wouldn't work. So, don't sweat it! Technology is good at screwing people over sometimes. :P good luck!