Who should I choose?

Problem. Ok so here it is.

I have met these two boys! Boy A is sweet and beautiful on the inside and hot on the out lol. Boy B is Sweet when he wants to be and hot as well, and only happy to msg me when it suits him and for cretin photos lol when we see each other it always about sex. Boy A does not push on the subject but is affectionate the way I like a guy to be, he always asks how my day is. We talk none stop! Here is the thing. I am physically attracted to both, BUT….In the begging I was attracted to boy B straight away, Boy A it has taken a while. Who should I choose and should I be more attracted to boy A is it a bad thing not to be straight away? I mean feelings are growing there, iv just never been with a sweet guy who has so much respect were boy B I think tends to lie and big note and not to mention A tad of a player lol well I think?


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  • ok

    this is what you do

    you take your question

    and you read it as if

    you didn't write it.

    then you think about


    and give yourself an



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  • it seems clear you should go with a since the only thing positive about b that you have said seems to only involve his body.


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  • here's the thing, i have been there before. The best thing to do is go with your gut... BUT ONLY IF YOUR GUT IS SAYING BOY A!! haha look, in the long run, you want a guy who respects you and if he is swet and hot and affectionate, you will be happy so much longer! if you pick the other one, you will be stuck with a liar and will undoubtably get hurt. Those feelings for boy B? Just lust. It'll pass. Go for the good one:) lost of luck!!


  • ditch the player, love the sweetheart. it'll only bring you happiness in the end.

    when relationships start out slow, you know their a keeper!