Is it possible that some people are destined to be unloved forever?

apart from my family I have not really felt loved in my life. I have never been on a date I can hardly even get a girl to talk to me let alone acknowledge that I exist.


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  • There is no such thing as destiny and because of that you are completely in control of your life. Remember that people often view you as you view yourself. If you believe that you are hopeless and bad at talking to girls, they'll pick up on it and start to believe it. Self confidence is the key. When you start to actually believe that any girl would be lucky to have you, it will show in your presentation. Throw yourself out there into some social situations that you're uncomfortable with, it's the only way to get experience and become more comfortable with yourself. And it will greatly increase your chances of meeting some one.

    • you really think that will work? it sounds kind of scary to me.

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    • I will look at it when I get the chance I just who I am is what girls want.

    • and let me guess, guys have to control of their own destiny more than girls do, which I hate


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  • it's possible. we attract what we want. if you want to be loved, if you want a loving relationship with someone, then y ou need to be open to that possibility

    • I want to be loved though more than anything

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  • If you're needy and self-centered, you're bound to be alone for the rest of your life. Build some self confidence and learn how to focus on making others happy more than you do for yourself.

    • you don't even know me you can't say I am self centered.

    • I said "IF." But, I'm forced to make an assumption because you don't provide much detail about yourself. All I gather from this question is that people seem to act like you don't exist. My question is... do you acknowledge they exist? That they are a human with wants, desires, and feelings? You might think you do, but you probably don't. In my experience, people are desperate to be noticed. If you TRULY notice them, they will notice you. I speak from personal experience.

    • I know what you mean but I am not some guy who thinks I am the best I am just a shy guy who is extremely nervous to say hi to a girl I just hide away becaue I am scared

  • I am 42, and I never had a girlfriend, so yea...god hates nice guys, cause god is a bitchy woman who perfers to date jerks . and give the shoulder to the nice guys.

  • i hate how people say there is someone out there for everyone

  • You are doomed brother. Most likely, you'll never find love. Most likely its bad love karma from a previous life. You probably played lots of girls in a previous life and in reincarnation you are being doomed with bad luck when it comes to love. Just accept it.