Wrong to date guy?

Ok so my best friend liked this guy but she never even talked to him or anything and now I have a major crush on this guy and we talk all the time and he likes me too and my best friend says she's over him...would it be wrong for me to date him?


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  • wow. I did it. she had a boyfriend at the time and had claimed a million times she was over the guy in question. we didn't talk for about two years, because she was so pissed off whe I started seeing him. this is an enormous mistake if there is any chance whatsoever that she is still into him. ask her. talk to her. I don't know. be sure you know how she feels and that she is being honest with you before you do anything if you value her friendship at all.

    • What if she really is over him though? They never even talked so it wasn't like a very intimate relationship...idk what to do because I like this guy a lot and I think he could be the right one...

    • if you are positive she is over it, and serious about it, I would say go for it. but seriously be careful. just because she says or thinks she is - it doesn't mean it is true, or that she is not going to feel uncomfortable seeing you two together.


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  • Maybe this isn't a guy question... but if she is over it what is the problem? Its not like she JUST broke up with him, she was never even in a relationship with him. If she can't make a move, and you can just go for it.


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  • no. you like him, he likes you, go for it

    • What about my friend?

    • she needs to be a grown up and realize that you can't always get what you want. I mean, he likes you, not her

  • the rule is that friend's guys are off limits...i feel like no matter what its drama waiting to happen =/