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He hasn't called, but he will reply to my texts. Does he like me or not?

I am 25 and he is 30. We met online and went on our first date on Tuesday. I felt like we had instant chemistry. We talked for about 30 minutes... Show More

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  • I know this is an older post but I wondered how this went. I have been dating and getting some great advice and something like this happened to me. It did not go well. Unfortunately as women we can feel there is chemistry and that we have a lot in common but if we jump into bed with a guy right away we may find out the guy thought we were attractive as a sex partner but they were not interested in going further than that. I have been given advice by a therapist that men can be stunted in their ability to move on to a relationship when sex starts too quickly. It is not always true but in many cases we can be disappointed that nothing further comes of it even though we thought things were going so well. It comes back to the fact that in general women have sex with men they can see themselves with while guys have sex with women they are sexually attracted to regardless of any thought of a relationship.

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  • I'm sure he likes you. I wouldn't try to make too much out of it all. I'm sure he is just busy, try to relax, I'm sure something will happen soon. Don't worry. =)

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  • sit back, relax, make other plans ~ do not text him anymore, its his turn now. Anything you chase in life runs the other way, let him come to you.

  • It's too early to tell if you blew it or he just being playful with you. Since he promised he'd call you and hang out this weekend, he'd call if he's interested in you. But guys can be very confusing and like to have their space esp older guys who has their career and other commitments in life so he might make you wondering whether he's into you or not. But like I said too soon to jump into conclusion, you may need to be patient for things to happen and make sure you dun sound too desperate because overall guys like to be the ones who chase.

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