Still ain't over her ex, advice?

i been talking to this girl for a month now but the other day we were talking and she got upset and told me to quit liking her casue I'm only gonna get hurt by her because she still ain't over her ex they broke up a little over six months ago out of a three year relationship. but yet she tells me how perfect I am and everything I'm just a little confused. her friends told me she needs security but how would I go about that? what could I do to help her get over him if their is anything?


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  • you need to give her space. nothing can be done. give her space and time to work out her issues


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  • hey I'm where that girl is atm. I'm not over my ex but I want a new guy. Its all about timming

    if you really like her disappear for a couple of months, don't stick around you will become just the friend.

    let her get over him, the only way she can get over him is with time.

    either that or I am sorry she might not be interested she may say your perfect but a prince could come along and she would probably say no, she is probably still hoping to get back with her ex atm


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  • Run the other way for a while. Sure she's not in a relationship, but she's not available mentally.

    Go date some other available women.

    Other than that, there is really nothing you can do.

  • Be there for her as a friend, adn when she's ready, shell remember that. and that you werent just looking to date her, that you were there for her. Don't rush her to move on, just be there for her adn let her vent and rant because its always great to have someone there for you after a breakup