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My step brother kissed me and now has a girlfriend!

Last your in August I met my dad's girlfriends son who is 14 and I am 16. From the beginning we became really close. He goes to boarding school by... Show More

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  • I think he's screwing with your head. Yeah, He likes you maybe, but you were probably just a one time thing like he said, a break from his g/f, just a get-away kinda thing.

    I think he did or does have feelings for you. but he's distant cause he knows what he did was wrong then if he cheated on his g/f. I think you should really just tell him how you feel about him, Just let it all out. Yea he's younger than you and all but, I was a 14 year old dating a 16 year old b4.

    It's obvious he's trying to make you jealous. I would just let it all out to him, then just move on knowing you said what you wanted and what you could. and if he finds that he likes you more still, things may rekindle.

What Girls Said 1

  • And I just would like someone to tell me what is he doing?

    What he thought you wanted.

    When he asked if this was a one time thing he put the ball in your court.

    By saying yes you made it so.

    To get over you he had to distant himself.

    And where do I stand with him and is there any possibility that he likes me back?

    Your his stepsister he had a one time thing with.

    Most likely he used to like you.

    Even if he still does do you want a cheater?

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