Should I continue to date her?

ok been dating this girl for about a year its seems that she don't have much time for me anymore she don't call as much as before and text me on my phone.

i found out from her friend that she's chatting around in her phone in a mobile chat room sending pics of her and telling the guys that she misses them and love them.but I'm sure she not meeting them because the chatroom my friend told me were she goes is from a another country were she from were I'm from aswell so I'm sure she's just flirting around swapping pics chatting ect.i guess

that explains why she don't call/text me much!

with her chatting around swapping pics ect.having a quote ''relationship online''/''cyber world'' she lives in will this relationship just end down the drain anytime soon?

does this count as CHEATING?

she bought me things and I did I guess that mean she still cares for me.she says that she still cares for me and all.

im confuse what do i. do just end this or what?

i really like her and care for her.but her doing this just makes my head spin of confusing feelings


i did tell her that I know what she's doing and she gave me a answer that so what they live far away is not like I'm seeing them.and she keeps trying to play it off and hide it from me when I know already what she's up to.maybe she feel gulity that I know
i guess this shows that chatting online can be a real relationship breaker.i guess ill just ignore her and let her do her thing.ive try everything I can flowers teddy bears love letters all she says is thank you.will it be best to just let it go then?
she said sorry but for some reason I take it as sorry that she got over I burn/throw the clothes/stuff she gave me? change number/email way to start to get over her? online chatting is a addiction just click to find what you really want!


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  • If its shows more than just her head it is cheating.she tells them she loves them? cheating! Tell her she needs to stop doing that if she wants to be with you still. If she doesn't quit then break up with her. She's obv. tryna get more attention and love. So maybe you have to be more romantic with her and show her that you can be the only one that needs to give her love.

    • I guess chatting is really a good way to get sucked from the real world that people live in and ends up ruin myspace friendster ect...they all the same nothing diffrent bout them its just very tempting that you can browse what you looking for in a click..


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  • Yes, do all that. not sure bout online chatting but deffo throw out all her stuff and change your no/email.

  • yes, it would be best to do that. she obviously doesn't care about you if she only says thanks for your gifts.

  • I'd ask her why she feels that she doesn't have a lot of time for you any more. If nothing changes, ditch her. I'd rather live in the real world than have two lives.

    • Is this one of the reason that ends relationships? they get sucked to there cyber world they live in and get addicted to who they don't even know who they really are..i think that's just all intertainment its hard who to belive or not..

      im just so lost right now..????

  • Wow. You'd ask after she's being a little skank on you? Lol.

    Why would you want to be with that?

    • No that was when in begining

    • Mmmm well I don't care. It still doesn't erase who she is. I can't imagine doing this. What horrible behavior ugh. Distgusting.

    • Yeah..chatting online is a way to pick who you really want in life with a click..but never really knowing if that person is fake or real or a gets to people head and palys there minds..shes just a probaly a cyber hoe..i bet if I made a fake account she be all up on me..

  • dump her then! seriously.


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  • i have had this happen before a lot of girls tend not to be with only one guy they like to keep their options open and they usually are always looking for another of higher statis you got to tell her how you feel and tell her you don't like her doing that